Who Are We?

Wellspring Community Church is a faith community reaching out to other progressive Christians who are looking for an open discussion about Christianity.   Wellspring believes in the historical Jesus who came to show people the way to God through love, mercy, forgiveness and inclusion.  We believe faith is not a doctrine but a transformative experience that shapes and reshapes the lens by which we see and live our lives of faith.  The teachings of Jesus, knowledge of the Scriptures, community reflection and questions relevant to our current realities are integral to the culture of Wellspring.


Schedule of Worship

The Journey through Lent to Resurrection:
March 9 – April 20  The Becoming of Community

Lent Time is Soul Time. Join us for a time of reflection, growing, paying attention to what Jesus teaches about life and death and resurrection.

Special Services

March 30         4:30 pm       Taize Service
April 18 7:00 pm Good Friday Service around the fire pit located in the courtyard at St. Paul
April 20 12:00 pm Easter Service followed by Community Brunch and Celebration (no 4:30 service)

If you have questions prior to coming call Naomi: 515 279-8248  -  or  -  Email: nrkirstein@me.com